Build better guest relationships. Earn more revenue.

An easy way for your guests to personalize their stay with you


Set the scene

Help guests begin to personalize their stay before they arrive. Build actionable guest profiles from the beginning of their journey.

intro making moments

Tap into key moments

Use data to identify and create key moments for guest upgrades & upsells. Move your inventory effectively and automatically.


Create lasting memories

Through effective selling, boost your reputation and drive more stays and more brand advocates, creating higher demand.



Empower guests to personalize their own experiences

With a simple pre-stay check-in process, your guests can curate and personalize their experience to their preferences prior to arrival.



Contextually relevant offers

Once you know their wants and needs, it's a question of timing. Sell guests what they want, when they want it. Use your inventory wisely and effectively merchandise your hotel offerings.



Great service, greater memories

Boost satisfaction by giving guests the experience they crave. Happy guests give positive feedback, which creates brand advocates; the modern manifestation of loyalty.

Features Overview

Mobile Pre-Check-in

Smart, pre-arrival campaigns that empower your guests to customize and personalize their stay.

Two-Way Messaging

An on-demand conversation channel to deliver white glove service in real time.

Push Notifications

using proximity-based marketing, send targeted offers in real-time to maximize in-stay guest engagement


curate and deliver recommendations for authentic, localized experiences.

Management Dashboard

A secure dashboard to run automated campaigns to directly service guests, manage inventory and report on your business.

Real-Time Merchandising

identify the most ideal moments to sell existing unsold or new curated inventory through targeted offers and upgrades.

Guest Profiling

Build actionable guest data to help create memorable 1:1 relationships with your guests.

Track Guest Sentiment

In a world run by reviews, use sentiment tracking to ensure every guests leaves feeling evangelized.

The Business Outcomes You Want

The positive impact of GuestDriven on your hotel can be seen on three different key business criteria: reputation, demand and revenue.

outcome - reputation

Positive Impact on Reputation

Quality service; giving guests exactly what they want, when they want it - optimizes your reputation.
outcome - demand

Increase in Demand

Improving your online scores improves overall demand and average daily rate. In a review-driven world this means everything.
outcome - revenue

Increase in Revenue

Improving demand and delivering intuitive experiences boosts adjusted RevPAR, pointing to stellar performance levels at your hotel.