The Science of Merchandising for Hotels

Merchandising for hotels can often mean the selling of rooms themselves, via online distribution channels. In terms of in-stay merchandising however, there aren’t a lot of resources online and we wanted to fill that gap. Especially since this kind of merchandising is having a real moment! When we talk about in-stay merchandising, it’s about helping the guest to personalize and customize their stay. The Science of Merchandising for Hotels is about ensuring that guests are connected with the intended experiences. This eBook delves into why it’s important to start now – one of the key reasons being that the on-demand economy is thriving and there’s a huge opportunity for hotels to incorporate this into their service delivery.

Starbucks has been rolling out their Mobile Order and Pay functionality, and 8 million people are grabbing and paying for an Uber every day. Millennials are driving this new commercial behaviour and the other demographic generation groups are highly influenced by them. This means most guest expectations are that they can get real-time, on-demand service anywhere they go.

There really is a science to it, since there is no one-size-fits-all model. We’ve clearly indicated how to take into account your own unique property and experience design. The ultimate goal is after all, and the true art of hospitality is in successfully connecting the guest with the intended experience – an experience so carefully crafted and curated by the hotelier. This goal will and always has been fundamentally be present in everything a hotel team does, it’s the means to achieving it is what changes over time.

The eBook will take you through the following:

– Why to Merchandise
– What to Merchandise
– How to Merchandise
– Checklist for In-Stay Merchandising

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GuestDriven - Science of Merchandising

Download the whole e-book:   GuestDriven – Science of Merchandising


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