GuestDriven Launches Hospitality’s First Omni-Channel Commerce Platform

Press Release:  June 9,  2016


GuestDriven introduces hospitality’s first conversational commerce platform, GuestDriven Conversations, as an integrated part of it’s guest engagement platform for the hospitality industry. The communication service, embedded within both GuestDriven’s pre-arrival and in-stay guest engagement platforms enables hotel guests to interact more easily with their hotel prior, during, and after their stay.

Conversational Commerce

Coming to life in 2015 with Uber’s integration into Facebook Messenger, Conversational Commerce has become the dominant trend of consumer computing apps in 2016. According to Business Insider, messaging apps have eclipsed social networks in monthly actives.

With 2.64x more engagement from guests that use conversations, GuestDriven Conversations fills this need at every stage of the guest journey, enabling guests to make requests and providing hoteliers with new commerce opportunities at every stage of the journey. As an omni-channel platform, it supports email, SMS, web, iOS & Android, based on guest preference, and enables guests to begin a conversation before they leave home, as part of the mobile check-in process, or anytime during their stay. With links to guest reservations, hotels can respond to guest messages or initiate messages anytime via the Conversation Management Interface.

Unlike conventional messaging platforms, what differentiates GuestDriven Conversations is that a Conversation Commerce platform built for the hospitality industry, enabling hotels to upsell guests with room upgrades, offers, and in-stay amenities with in-conversation offers. Equally and if not more important, fully engaged hotel guests spend 46% more per year than actively disengaged guests.*

GuestDriven’s marketing automation also enables the delivery of dynamic content, campaigns, and proximity marketing (via iBeacons), all of which are directly tied into GuestDriven Conversations for fulfillment, along with multi-language support based on guest preference.

“GuestDriven Conversations is designed to help hotels develop deeper engagement with their guests, and give them an opportunity to reinforce their brand’s personality”, said Anthony Zebrowski, GuestDriven’s CEO, “and we believe messaging represents a huge opportunity to improve the overall guest experience.”

* Gallop – “Why Customer Engagement Matters So Much Now”


About GuestDriven

GuestDriven is a cloud-based guest engagement solution for the hospitality industry that drives higher margin revenue for hotels focused on guest engagement. We help hotels directly interact with guests, learn their preferences, build relationships and upsell inventory through personalized, moment-based targeted offers and communications. Based in Montreal, Canada, GuestDriven has a global customer base of leading hospitality brands.