GuestDriven 3Xs guest engagement with messaging

Repost from Smooch Blog – 06 July 2016 post by Beth Thouin

GuestDriven, a guest engagement platform for hospitality helps hotels engage, delight and upsell guests with messaging. After just 8 months of working with Smooch, the team has proven that messaging is key to customer experience and higher revenues. Let’s dig in!

Driving revenue growth with guest engagement

Studies show that fully-engaged guests spend 46% more.

GuestDriven, naturally set out to be the hotel solution to increase guest engagement. Knowing that messaging would drastically facilitate guest to hotel staff communications (ultimately leading to higher revenues per guest), the team set out to enable messaging.

Messaging as the conduit for engagement

Hotels used to communicate with guests primarily over the phone and in-person. However with email, SMS, and messaging apps popularly used today, hotels have a hard time providing guests with on-demand assistance on their preferred channels.

GuestDriven needed to build the best solution for both worlds: hotels and guests.

The inevitable product management decision had to be made: build messaging capabilities in-house or buy it. To Puneet Mulchandani, Director of Product & Engineering it was a no-brainer, “We saved a ton of money going with Smooch. Set up was seamless and the team’s messaging expertise is the best in the industry. We were up and running in weeks instead of months.”

Using the Smooch API, GuestDriven baked in-app messaging directly into their platform to provide omni-channel conversation flows that parallel the guest’s journey.

Here’s how it works:

Guests receive a pre-check-in email prompting them to continue conversing with hotel staff over email, SMS, and/or a dedicated mobile app throughout their stay.

Pre check-in messaging
Once in-app, guests see the full unified history of their conversation with the hotel.

Conversations are unified within the mobile app
Regardless of the channel used by the guest, hotel staff receive and respond to messages over familiar tools like email and the GuestDriven hotel-facing application.

Hotel staff manage conversations over familiar tools like email

The Results: higher revenue + better insights

The messaging results are clear: Conversations are a big win for hotels.

  • Over half of hotel guests opt-in to conversations prior to arrival.
  • The very same engaged guests send on average 3 messages;
  • AND convert on 15 – 22% of upsells, such as room upgrades, hotel services, or food and beverage.

If that isn’t enough proof, here’s what some of GuestDriven’s customers have to say:

GuestDriven is solving a very specific pain point for us: to service thousands of guests across multiple brands and cities within a unique manner that feels tailored and catered to the guest, while keeping and elevating our brand standards.

Norma Berry, Vice President of Digital Marketing @ Denihan Hospitality Group

GuestDriven has played an integral part in enhancing our relationships with our guests. The GuestDriven team has worked closely with us to deploy a guest engagement platform which surpassed our expectations. The knowledge and expertise of GuestDriven is unrivalled in this industry.

Theo Kolovos, Director of Rooms @ Thompson Toronto

Messaging in hospitality is here to stay

Messaging is taking the world by storm. With forecasts of 3.6 billion messaging accounts worldwide, people are messaging more than ever.

GuestDriven has proven that messaging in hospitality is not only operationally easy, but enhances the guest experience and adds revenue, consistently. Hotels who are early to offer messaging will reap the most benefits; delivering an authentic and memorable experience for guests.

Learn more about engaging your guests with GuestDriven here and what messaging can do for you here.