Have real conversations with your guests

Interact with your guests at any time, in your own voice. This is on-demand service. Providing an easy access communication channel with your guests builds relationships and trust.

Centralized operations & analytics tools

With GuestDriven, the success and ROI of guest experience management is more consolidated, apparent and efficient. A one-stop back office toolbox including rich guest profiles, analytics dashboards, a campaign manager and an order manager.
Mobile Check-in

Engage with check-in invitations

Invite your guests to check-in 24 hours before their stay. A simple, automated pre-stay check-in process allows them to personalize and customize their stay, selecting their comforts, conveniences and indulgences according to preference. features_checkintimeline
Invitation The GuestDriven platform sends automated pre-stay check-in invitations to guests 24h in advance of their arrival.
Upgrades Offer guests the available room inventory at your hotel when they are most likely to upgrade; before they arrive via mobile devices.
Upsells Strip away assumptions about what guests want and when. Unbundle your hotel services and amenities and allow the guest to craft and curate their own experiences through upsells.
Room-Ready Notification Update your guests when their rooms are ready. This is a small touch that contributes towards a seamless guest experience.

Upsell at the right moment, automatically

Using existing unsold inventory and merchandise, GuestDriven helps hotels pinpoint the moments when guests are most likely to purchase. These moments happen organically in real-time, based on guest profiles and behaviours.

Generate a higher guest IQ.

Build actionable guest data to determine when and what your guests would like to purchase. Create relationships with your guests based on their wants and needs.

Curate authentic, localized experiences

Inherently known by its geographic location, the hotel is the centre of the guest universe during their stay, and has an opportunity to express its brand through curated recommendations. Help your guests to have authentic, localized experiences they will never forget.

Build, launch and optimize marketing campaigns on the go

Campaign management has never been easier. Power multiple campaigns form a single dashboard, on any device. This is guest experience management for hotel teams who move at the speed of life.

Location based devices for real-time guest engagement

Guests spend up to 90% of their stay off property. This creates a need for timely and optimal communications during the time spent on-property. GuestDriven uses beacon technology powered by Estimote to empower hotels to maximize guest engagement.

Be pro-active with your reputation

With guest profiling and open guest communications before, during and after the stay, hotels can anticipate potential problems and provide solutions before they escalate to being published in an online review.