GuestDriven is a hospitality-focused guest engagement solution. We help hotels directly interact with guests, learn their preferences, build relationships and upsell inventory through personalized, moment-based targeted offers and communications.

Guests are empowered with the ability to personalize and take full control of their stay, resulting in higher satisfaction, better reviews and more brand advocates.

Team of Advisors

To maintain its leadership position in guest solutions for hotels, GuestDriven has an Advisory Board comprised of senior industry executives. We benefit from their industry expertise and from their vision for the future. Together, we’re building a richer guest experience

Luxury Retreats

Joe Poulin

CEO, Luxury Retreats


Peter Kern

Board Member, Expedia

Tom Botts

Senior Vice President and CMO at Miraval Group

Crescent Hotels amd Resorts

Tony Cohen

EVP of Business Development, Crescent Hotels & Resorts

Rip Gellein

CEO, Strategic Hotels

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