5 Simple Ways That Hotels Can Demonstrate Value to Their Guests

Fact: 85% of leisure travelers search for deals online.

That shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, really. This is likely true of most products these days. But are people looking for the best price, or the best value?

And how do guests assess value?

Essentially, value to most guests is based on three basic factors:

  • Time saved
  • Money saved
  • Experience gained

There are ways to ensure that, while your guests are staying with you, that value is quantifiable, and creates an experience they’ll want to have again, and share with their social network. Here are five ways that you can demonstrate value and elevate guest experiences.

Loyalty Programs

Show your guests that you appreciate them coming to stay at your hotel by offering them loyalty programs that go beyond the norm. Simple things like expedited check-in, complimentary upgrades and “insider” hotel information updates that include special offers to a limited group go a long way towards showing guests that you want to continue getting their business.

Be Inclusive

Adding value by including more than just four walls and a bed is something that gives guests that extra incentive to choose you over the hotel down the road. Sometimes it’s as simple as free breakfast and parking. You can attract leisure travelers with things like free passes to a local museum or other attraction. And for that honeymoon couple, strawberries and champagne in their room when they arrive helps to set the tone for what should be an amazing experience.

Depending upon the profile of the traveler, one or more of these inclusive packages can add that little bit of extra value that helps them to make a decision in your favor.

Getting Personal

You might be surprised how many guests are tickled pink when the staff know who they are when they show up. And even better, a pre-arrival greeting that includes a ‘looking forward to meeting you’ message from the concierge or front desk manager helps to open a line of communication.

It makes guests feel expected, it makes them feel appreciated, and it puts a smile on their face. That personal touch can really elevate the guest experience and translates to a feeling of real value to that guest.

Come on, Get Happy

The vast majority of business travelers are traveling alone. While not all will have time for extracurricular activities, there will be some who will appreciate an opportunity to spend some time with others while they’re on the road.

Hosting a hotel happy hour and inviting guests for a complimentary drink and snack creates a real feeling of community for guests and allows them to break the monotony of a business trip. They’re all in the same boat, and hosting events that allow them to let their hair down and enjoy themselves can be the difference between feeling like they’re on a leisure cruise instead of a sinking ship.

A Little Something Extra

Hotel guests aren’t always expecting to get something extra, so giving them just a little something to make them feel welcome can start the process of feeling like they’re getting more value than they might have even expected.

Little things like complimentary bottles of water, a hand-written welcome note, or even a couple of towels folded in interesting ways are often just the thing to get that guest to start feeling welcome, and can translate to an overall feeling of satisfaction by the end of the trip. It is a small thing, but it’s just one more way to add a little Surprise & Delight to a guest experience.

You may be surprised how something so small can go such a long way.



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